Update August 2nd

Dear all,

regrettably, there were not as many people booking the tour as I had hoped. So I cancelled the bus, we’re now going in private cars. Besides, all planned hotels have now been booked. The prices have gone down quite a bit, accordingly.

There still is a capacity of 3 to 4 persons left to go with us.

The final prices are now:
Max. 475,00 / Min. 430,00 EURO per person in a shared 2-bed hotel room
Max. 565,00 / Min. 520,00 EURO per person in a single hotel room

Final prices are determined by the final number of bookings since a lot of costs are split up – no-profit. Availability of shared and single rooms is also due to the total number of bookings.

Please consider booking now if you might still be interested.

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