October 9th – Monday

On Monday morning we will take a short ride of about 70 kms to the „Opfermoor“ in Oberdorla, which I consider to be a MUST on a trip like this.

I have been there a couple of times. There is a small museum with some of the findings as well as a lot of pictures from the excavations. We won’t need more than 30 to 60 minutes in the indoor museum before we go to the outdoor site.

Besides the historical and religious aspects – there are several reconstructed buildings and sacrificial sites from different periods – the whole place is simply beautiful. The offering places of several ages and everything else have been created with very much taste and respect, you don’t feel like being in a museum…

It’s of course possible to do spontaneous symbles there, I even see a good chance that we get permission to conduct a regular blót ceremony on site.

I should think that we will spend 2 to 3 hours in the outdoor area, of course depending on good weather conditions, but usually early October is dry and sufficiently warm.

After that we will take a ride of about 80 kms and have lunch along the way as we proceed to the Frau- Holle-Teich.


There are lots of legends around the pond, most of them regarding “Frau Holle”. We will have my friend Gardenstone as a guide who wrote a book on Holle as well as several other books on Asatru topics (Goddess Holle, Gardenstone, available in English). He and his wife will also spend the evening with us at the hotel.

Afterwards we will check in at our second hotel.

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