October 8th – Sunday

The conference will basically be over by Saturday night. People from Europe will start to leave on Sunday after breakfast, as well as visitors from abroad that will not go with us. There will be a closing ceremony on Sunday morning and we will have lunch at the conference venue before we leave.

So, we shall leave the conference venue around 1 pm and start our first bus transfer.

We will travel approximately 250 kms. So this is going to be a trip of around 3,5 hours. We will make our first stop at the Barbarossa or Kyffhäuser monument before we check in at our first hotel.

This is not a “sacred site” actually, but the third largest monument in Germany, erected at the end of the 19th century. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kyffh%C3%A4user_Monument

It covers the legend of King Barbarossa which is not covered very well in English Wikipedia, but is very similar to other “king in the mountain” tales around the world. Achim, who is travelling with us, will tell us the stories and fairy tales the area and the red-bearded king.

After that we will check in at our hotel for the first night and have dinner.

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