October 13th – Friday

On Friday morning we will meet Ralph and Martje, long-time-heathens and friends who have for many years been very active in pushing and supporting heathen matters in regional cultural and PR activities. They also run a well-known “heathen shop” that we will visit in the evening https://beowulf-schleswig.de/ (only German available) as well as a mythological adventure path http://lollfusser-mythenpfad.de/ (only German available).

Ralph and Martje will be our guides all day, but the final program is open yet. We can go to the Viking museum http://www.schloss-gottorf.de/haithabu (only German available) but the indoor museum will still be closed due to renovation, only the outdoor area will be open.

The Viking museum is part of the state museum in Schloss Gottorf http://www.schloss-gottorf.de/  (only German available) that we also are going to visit – probably. Ralph just told me that the museum just recently got a big chunk of money unexpectedly, so there is a chance that the museum might be closed for renovation then, as well.

But that would not be a problem, Ralph and Martje have profound knowledge of the historic and heathen past of the region and promised me to make it an interesting and exciting day regardless of what will happen with the museums.

In the evening we will make a stop at their shop and I am sure you will have a fair chance of getting rid of your left-over money, if you like 🙂

After dinner we will have a fare-well-party on our last night together. Maybe there will be some heathen musicians to play for us – or whatever…

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