October 11th – Wednesday

In the morning we will visit the museum at Kalkriese.
http://www.kalkriese-varusschlacht.de/en/ (English site)

This is supposed to be the site of the battle between Arminius with his Germanic militias and Varus with the Roman legions in the year 9 that the Romans lost (although other places still claim to be…).

I personally haven’t been there, yet, so I cannot give you any personal experiences on this site.

To be up-to-date with academic research we will hire a professional guide here, and yes, that will be in English. The website is pretty large, so I do not present many pictures here.

Supposedly we shall stay around 3 to 4 hours at the museum

In the afternoon we shall leave and drive to the area of the „Wildeshauser Geest“ with hundreds of megalith and mound graves (appr. 80 kms). Depending on time, we will visit the first 1 or 2 places in the evening already, then check in to a local hotel. The order of where to visit when will be determined on-site according to weather and our available time.

Sites we will definitely visit:

Engelmannsbäke / Visbeker Bräutigam, a site with multiple megalith settings of different ages incl. some very large ones

Visbeker Braut, located nearby, very large single megalith setting

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