Conditions, payments, cancellation


As I have stated before, this is a non-profit private tour.
This means it is generally based on mutual trust, I take no liabilities and can give no warranties about anything happening on the tour.

I expect, though, decent and appropriate behaviour by everyone partaking. That’s about the only rule. Any violation of this rule is taken care of by the complete group which will decide how to handle the subject.

As I am the organizer of the tour,  you should follow the instructions I will give you on the tour. It is advised for participants to have a cell phone, maybe with a German card, to contact me in case you get delayed, lost or whatever. Everyone will get a card with emergency and organisational information at the beginning of the tour.

All announced program topics may be due to change considering unexpected causes.

If there should be anything else to add, I will do that.

Booking and Payments:

A regular booking will be confirmed by me, when a down payment of 300 EURO has been made. The final payment is due 3 weeks before the tour starts, the price will then be fixed and you will be informed about it by email.

Payments can be made by bank transfer (SWIFT/SEPA) or by PayPal.
Participants from most European countries will be able to make bank transfers via SEPA, participants from non-SEPA countries should be able to do that by SWIFT transfer, please ask your bank how to do this. PayPal should work from most countries.

All payments have to be made in EURO. Please make sure that exchange costs and transfer fees are added to the basic payment and not taken off it. I will confirm the amount of EUROs added to my account with every payment so you can be shure about that.


A lot of things can happen that lead to a cancellation. But please be aware that I have to pay quite some down payments for all the bookings I have to do. It simply makes things difficult…

The conditions for cancellation are:
– cancellation of regular bookings until 3 months before the tour (that is July 7th) will be accepted with full refund of payments made so far except for handling charges of 30 EURO
– cancellation of regular bookings until 6 weeks before the tour (that is August 27th) will be accepted with 50% refund of payments made so far
– cancellation of regular bookings within 6 weeks before the tour: I have no idea yet. I do not intend to rip anyone off, but I have to wait for all the contracts to be made. I can promise no more than trying to refund as much as possible.
– leaving the tour early due to whatever: I cannot say anything about that at this stage.

Whatever may happen, please contact me by email to There will be a solution, always.