Tour – General

This tour ist not only a “sightseeing tour”!

It is intended to strengthen the personal connections that already exist or may be started at the Frith Forge conference.

It is intended to be Frith-building and not rush through as many sites-to-look-at as possible. We will have sufficient time to spend at the sacred sites and other places we will visit, to view and “receive” them in a spiritual way.

We will not spend endless hours in the cars except for the first and last day. We will have time in the evenings to talk to each other and maybe extend the knowledge picked up during the days. I’m thinking of having additional lectures in the evenings, not too long, but appending to the days’ impressions.

The goal is to make it a frith-building and spiritual passage.

Preliminary Notes

This is a completely private tour, not a commercial one, based on self-cost calculation.
So: no insurances, no warranties, no liabilities – just to make that clear.

I do not intend to make any profit on this, which means I pay my price the same way you are expected to.


Transport: Travelling by bus has been cancelled due to the low number of participants. Instead we will go in regular private cars.

Lodging: we will stay overnight in fair price hotels to keep costs low. This means, if you are a single traveller, you will have to share the room with another person of the same gender or pay an extra single-room price. Couples or families will get 2- or more bedrooms. Breakfast will always be included in the lodging prices.

Food and stuff: we will have lunch and dinner as well as beverages and drinks „as we go“ along the way. That will be at your personal expense directly. Basically we will visit restaurants and bars that are not extraordinary expensive.

Sites to visit / guided tours : We will have to pay relatively low prices for tickets at most of the sites. We might get a group price at most of them. I shall try to have most of the guided tours covered by heathen friends in English, but at 2 sites we will have to pay a professional guide.