Update August 2nd

Dear all,

regrettably, there were not as many people booking the tour as I had hoped. So I cancelled the bus, we’re now going in private cars. Besides, all planned hotels have now been booked. The prices have gone down quite a bit, accordingly.

There still is a capacity of 3 to 4 persons left to go with us.

The final prices are now:
Max. 475,00 / Min. 430,00 EURO per person in a shared 2-bed hotel room
Max. 565,00 / Min. 520,00 EURO per person in a single hotel room

Final prices are determined by the final number of bookings since a lot of costs are split up – no-profit. Availability of shared and single rooms is also due to the total number of bookings.

Please consider booking now if you might still be interested.

The Sacred Sites Tour 2017 will happen!

Ok, now it is certain:
the tour will happen!

There actually have been less pre-registrations than I had hoped for, but many interested persons have simply not been able to make a binding decision at this early stage. So I have decided to to take the risk upon myself to give it a “go”.

In detail this means:
– there now is a maximum price set that you can count on: 595 EURO for shared accomodation and 805 EURO for single accomodation.
– these prices are maximum prices which means that any financial discounts will be forwarded to the participants, lowering the prices. This may be a higher number of participants, better prices for hotels than expected or anything else that reduces costs.

The website has been updated regarding the new situation and

Booking is now open 🙂