If your are willing to give that much money to someone who you actually do not know, you should have at least an impression who this person is.

That’s me, at the International Asatru Summer Camp 2015 in Sweden:

Haimo Grebenstein,
57, IT professional, living in northern Bavaria, married, 3 grown-up kids.

I have been a heathen for 15 years now, member of VfGH, Eldaring and The Troth. Co-Founder and active member of the Asatru-EU  network. Had several positions on the VfGH board, chairman from 2006 to 2010 and 2012 to 2013. Now serving as Ewart, which may be considered to be something like the Warder of the Lore.

Generally, the tour was not my original idea, but I picked it up and started to build something from scratch.

I also serve as a member of The Troth’s conference committee for the Frith Forge conference in 2017.

You can contact me anytime via haimo@grebenstein.net

Domain owner:
Haimo Grebenstein
Oberer Markt 15
DE-92281 Königstein